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This is a blog about my passion: dollhouses and miniatures. This particular blog was started to follow my miniature dream: to create a Victorian Mansion. But work on my Mansion is slow. Very slow. Sloth slow. Ice Age glacier movement slow. Why? Because I am easily distracted by other personal miniature projects (I have 50+ roomboxes and 15 dollhouses in various stages of incompletion) and because I work for a miniature shop and am often up to my elbows in miniature projects that aren't mine! So, I thought, some artists work in a particular medium (woods, watercolors, clay, oils, etc.), I work in progress . . . .

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Off on a Tangent

I know I have so many other projects to be working on (Mansion, Shark Tank, my New York box, 1895 and 1795 kitchens, Modern Townhouse, Confectionary Shop, Suishi shop, and Log cabin -- just to name a few), but I went off on a tangent and created a new project to do during this upcoming month...

My youngest daughter loves butterflies so (naturally) when I found miniature butterflies for sale at the Chicago Show two years ago, of course I bought as many as I could.  Thus resulting in an abundance of butterflies with no home.  And after attending the Dallas Mini Show last year, I have this gorgeous doll (dressed by Tish of Versailles Dolls) who is holding 2 butterflies in her cupped hands (Dallas Mini Show Blog Post).
Butterfly Girl
I needed some thing "outdoors" to properly display all these butterflies and this doll!

Mondays are my day off of work, so a Monday morning with no appointments or plans meant I could go play on the Laser Cutter, producing this little room box to fit inside a plexi box I already owned.
A small indoor space and a platform for an outdoor garden
There is a space between the walls for a Shoji sliding door that I will construct:

Looking down, sideways - sorry I can't figure out how to flip the pic - into the "room"
I took out some plants I had previous acquired that didn't fit into the spaces they were originally bought for.  And I had some left over field stone pieces to create a walkway...the scene started to come together nicely...
Dry fitting a rough draft of how it will all look
I had my heart set on a little fountain though -- in fact, I recalled some pottery I had for my Irish Cottage (another Work-in-Progress that I should have worked on instead of creating a new project!).  This pottery was a collection of small nesting bowls with spouts on them!  I could glue them in a way that water would flow from one bowl to the next!  But after searching for an hour thru my miniatures I concluded that I either gave the bowls away or sold them on a Facebook Used Minis Sale page when I decided the Irish Cottage wasn't getting any landscaping.

I was disappointed: I really had my heart set on this little fountain in the scene....and then I recalled my no-bake clay that was still sitting in my fridge from my bread-making experiment (Previous Blog Post about no-bake clay)!  Using a small chunk of clay, I created my own little bowls with spouts...

Once fully dried, I'll paint them black and glue them into a cascading fountain shape
I have begun to collect my supplies - including the dirt for the gardens on either side of the field stone walkway...
Coffee is my friend for so many reasons...
And I'm hopeful that next Monday will be a quiet day as well so I can run back over to the Laser Cutter and cut out my Shoji sliding doors!  Updates will be posted as I work on this little scene, but first there will be some blog updates on some customer's projects and some mansion work I did accomplish since Dad finally delivered the Addition Base to me!  It's been an exciting Mini week!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished results! It already looks good.

    1. Thanks Carol! I can't believe how quickly it took shape -- I had so many left over pieces from other projects that work so well with this scene that it is like it was meant to be!

  2. This is going to be a beautiful scene! I love the Butterfly Girl; what a serendipitous find to go with your miniature butterflies. I think you're right that this is a project that was "meant to be." I'm looking forward to seeing the completed fountain and the Shoji doors. Lovely!